Why Power Washing Is Important For Your Home

man power washing a patio

pressure washer cleaning a deckHave you been thinking about getting your home power washed lately? Well, power washing may seem quite a daunting task to many people, the benefits it holds are hard to ignore.

While you may think that power washing, also known as pressure washing, can only get your property free of dirt, the fact is its benefits extend way beyond just making your home look clean. From protecting your health to increasing the value of your property, power washing your home is accompanied by several advantages.

We took a bit of time to discuss the benefits of a power washing service with a local contractor. Below, we have compiled a list of the benefits due to which you should consider to power wash your home.

Power washing preserves the look of your home

before and after of power washed patio bricksThe exterior of your home is exposed to a lot of man-made as well as natural elements, which include but are not limited to dirt, rain, smoke, wind, and pollution. The combined action of these agents ends up attacking the exterior surface of your house.

The paint, which starts peeling or cracking up, develop unsightly stains which totally ruin the beautiful look of your house. Atmospheric contaminants promote the growth of mold providing a distasteful sight to the visitors.

So, no matter how much cash you have spent on beautifying your outside yard, your guests will not be impressed unless you clean the exterior of your home and preserve its look by a strong power wash. Power washing is undoubtedly the best way to refresh and maintain the overall look of your exterior.

Increases the value of your home

In addition to negatively impacting the look of your home, unclean exterior overlaid with dirt and mold will also affect your property value. A clean house is more likely to get sold quickly as compared to a house with the unclean exterior.

Pressure washing is an affordable and easier way to get a better price on your property. According to real estate experts, you are likely to get 5-10% additional value on your property after you have power washed it.

So, the next time you hire a real estate agent, make sure to power wash your home before selling it. Not only it will sell quicker but it will also fetch you a better price.

Saves your money and time

On top of freshening up the look and increasing the value of your house, pressure washing also helps you in preventing expensive repairs in the long run.

When you’re regularly getting the exterior of your house power washed, contaminants that encourage the growth of mold are unable to habitat the exterior surface of your property. Conversely, the growth of fungus and mold can end up deteriorating your exterior paint as well as certain façade elements, especially the wooden ones.

So, if you get your home pressure washed before allowing these agents to settle and start their deteriorating activity, you will save a lot of money which you will otherwise be spent on restoring the look of your house.

In addition to that, pressure washing also helps you in saving a lot of time since regular cleaning is much harder as well as time-consuming. In regular cleaning, you will have to use a lot of chemicals while also doing an endless surface scrubbing. On the other hand, pressure washing makes cleaning a lot faster, simpler, and chemical-free.

Protects your property

before and after power washing a brick entrance wayIn case you haven’t cleaned the exterior of your home lately, it will be likely to get layered up with dirt, mold, grime, and algae. The exposure to wind, dust, and humidity ends up subjecting your home exterior to mold, algae and other hazardous organisms.

These living organisms can release allergens and other threatening agents which can put your family’s health in danger. The only way to stop these harmful organisms from invading the internal environment of your home is to get it power washed.

Moreover, if you live in a region that has humid weather then your home must be power washed on a regular basis just like the fungicide applications.

Prepares you for renovation

Are you planning to renovate your property? The first thing in your mind should be getting the exterior of your house cleaned. It may look an unnecessary step for some people, however, when you read the labels on the paint cans, they all say that you should have a clean surface to apply the paint on.

Pressure washing is the quickest and the most effective way of preparing your property for renovation.

Hire pros for the job

Whether you’re about to sell your house or prepare it for a quick renovation, power washing plays a significant role in cleaning the exterior of your house. But you must keep in mind that power washing is not a DIY task. It not only requires special tools but also requires a lot of skill and experience.

That’s why you must consider hiring professional power washers otherwise you may end up damaging yourself or your property!

8 Signs It’s Time To Call A Professional Plumber

Sometimes there are small projects that you can tackle around the house without worrying about causing an even bigger problem. But there are some projects that should only be done by a professional. And when it comes to your plumbing there are times when you absolutely need to call in a professional that has experience working on plumbing and has the right tools to get plumbing jobs done safely. If you start to see any of these 8 signs of plumbing problems you should call a professional plumber immediately:

Puddles Or Pools Of Water

You might think that a little bit of water around the washer, or in the cabinets under the sink, or on the basement floor isn’t really that big of a deal. But it can be a very big deal. Seeing visible pools or puddles of water where there shouldn’t be water is a pretty big warning sign. It means  you could have a leaky pipe, a cracked pipe, or a pipe that is about to burst. Don’t wait if you see visible water in a place where there shouldn’t be water. Call a plumber, visit their website, right away.

Low Water Pressure

If you notice that your water pressure drops significantly and drops suddenly call a plumber immediately. That could mean that there is a clog somewhere in the pipes and that can cause a pipe to burst. It also could indicate a leak deep in the plumbing system where you can’t see it and that leak could be causing water to flow inside the walls or in the basement of your home.

Frozen Pipes

Think your pipes can’t freeze because you live in a warmer climate? Think again. If your plumbing isn’t properly insulated a cold snap can cause your pipes to freeze. If you notice that the water is flowing slower than usual or if you hear clanking in the pipes then you need to call a plumber right away before a frozen pipe bursts or leaks.

Dripping Water

A dripping faucet isn’t normal, even if it’s just dripping a small amount. Those drips can add up to a big surge in your water bill so you should call a plumber to come and look at the leaking faucet to be sure there isn’t a big problem causing the leak.

Slow Drains

Slow drains are a warning sign that a clog is building. If you ignore those slow drains and a pipe becomes fully clogged the pipe could burst or crack. That can cause flooding inside the home and it can even cause mold and mildew to grow inside the walls or the floors and ceilings of your home. Getting rid of toxic mold is expensive and time consuming. So you should never ignore a slow drain. Having routine drain cleaning done is a very good way to avoid the buildup that can cause slow drains and clogs.

Dirty Water

If you notice that the water coming out of the taps in your home is suddenly dirty or a different color than it should be call a plumber immediately and do not drink any of the water or give it to your pets. There could be a leak in a pipe or there could be a problem where dirt or sediment is getting into the water. If you have older pipes and you see a color change in the water or notice a smell to the water you could need to replace the pipes. Only a certified plumber will be able to diagnose and fix the problem.

Gurgling In The Pipes

If you hear gurgling in the pipes in your home or you hear water rushing through the pipes you could have a cracked pipe somewhere in the house. Call a plumber who can use sonar equipment to find the leak even if it’s deep within the house. Getting the leak repaired quickly will keep water from causing mold growth inside the house.

Sulfur Or Sewage Odor In The House

It doesn’t happen often, but if you notice a sharp sulfur or sewage odor in your home, especially on the first floor or in the basement, don’t wait to call a plumber. That smell is a good indication that an underground pipe has burst or is leaking and the problem will need to be fixed right away. There could also be a broken sewer pipe or vent that needs to be repaired or replaced. A professional plumber can find the source of the smell and fix it or replace the pipe or vent.